Software Sales and Set Up

This is where we really shine! With our directors having over 20 years experience collectively with both QuickBooks and IMS Payroll, this is a huge advantage to you. We will match your business needs exactly with the perfect product choice and then create a file that mirrors this. We are not just self-proclaimed experts either - our director has been Trainer of the Year for QuickBooks in NZ for the last two years running, so you not only get great value for money with Quick Smart- you get the best.

On-Site Support

We have a team of highly qualified and experienced QuickBooks consultants who are able to help you at your workplace. We find it is better to work on-site with the client and their staff to achieve the best outcome for your business

Remote Support

For those times where support is needed urgently, after hours or if the client is not centrally located  to the trainer, we can use our proprietary remote access software and provide both support and training remotely. When help is required outside normal working hours this is an elegant solution to a difficult time problem.

Monthly Reporting

There are various ways we can lend our financial experience to your business and this is one of the best we have - each month we will prepare a set of audited monthly accounts for review by your management team to track profitability and cash flow as well as other key indicators that we decide on together.  This process will also include the preparation of the GST reporting  and will mean that at year end your accounts will be ready for your accountant. We can also combine this with our other services - cash flow planning, profit planning and budgeting. This allows us to empower the business owner to grow their business and focus on those areas that need their help.

Planning and Budgeting Services

It is hard to get to the place you want to go with a plan of how to get there. This is such an obvious statement it is almost unnecessary, but in small business in this country it is the most neglected area of  management. and is the keystone for future growth in our opinion.
We have an advantage in this area as we build up a wealth of experience in the running of your business through our involvement with your accounting system, so when the time comes for cash-flow or profit planning, or you would like to start budgeting and see how your business is tracking, we are perfectly poised to help you with this crucial step.

Full Accounting Options

We provide full outsourcing of the accounting division of your business  from onsite full time book-keepers and financial controllers. This is an area of your business you may not have considered using contractors for, but it ensures competent staff and continuity of service and guarantees a great result.
We can take care of your total accounting needs, right from the shoe box of receipts through to preparing and lodging year end accounts. Our rates are very competitive and our service is impeccable.

GST and PAYE returns

Our team of experienced QuickBooks consultants are able to prepare all your regular tax reports in a timely and effective way, either on site or offsite, and if you take our monthly service contract this process is included in that option.

Book keeping Services

We can offer a fully trained and experienced QuickBooks and IMS Payroll  book-keeper for a permanent position or as a casual relief if your staff take annual or maternity leave and you need some extra cover. Our rates are very reasonable and we provide full support to our staff to ensure they are performing at their best for you. Our staff are professional and efficient so please call or email us for a quote.